Android Apps

These are some of the free applications we have on the Android Market.

DOD Military Glossary Lite

DOD Military Glossary Lite is a trial version of the highly popular iPhone App.
This is the trial version of the DOD Military Glossary, which is an even larger and more complete glossary of the DOD Military terms.

Electric Power Glossary Lite

Try this lite version first, then download the awesome glossary.
Electric Power Glossary Lite is the free lite version. Download it for free and see if you like it. If you like it, download the paid version, then please rate this and write a review.

Breast Cancer Glossary

A partial glossary of terms related to breast cancer.
Join the fight against breast cancer. Education is the strongest weapon. This glossary will allow you to have the definitions of breast cancer related terms at your fingertips.
Note: This lite version is a trial. You can buy the full paid version if you like this.

Insurance Glossary Lite

The trial version of the best insurance glossary on the android market.
This is the trial version to help you decide if you need to download the paid version of the Insurance Glossary. That is the most comprehensive insurance glossary on the android market.