iOS Apps

Most of these apps have customized and different interfaces for the iPhone and iPad.

DOD Military Glossary

Do you ever need to quickly look up a military term? Not a problem. This glossary has more than 4000 terms and the definitions load directly from the military's website

Insurance Glossary

If you ever want to refresh your memory on what "Net Underwriting Income" is or what “Reinsurance” is, just whip out your iPhone and start "Insurance Glossary". The answers are at your fingertips - literally!

Breast Cancer Glossary

Your best protection against losses due to lack of knowledge is education - and references. This glossary will serve you as a reference. You can also use it to educate yourself.

Action Word!

Stand out from the crowd by choosing the right word at the right time. There are many times when you are searching for the perfect action word, but cannot find it. Those days are now over - the words are now at your finger tips, literally.

Electric Power Glossary

There are so many areas in the Electric Power industry that even experts some times need to refer to their books. But they cannot carry their books or laptops all the time.

Not to worry. The solution is here. If you ever want to refresh your memory on what "Absorber" is or what “Overcurrent” is, just whip out your iPhone and start "Electric Power Glossary.

Green Earth Glossary

Humans have been polluting the earth and changing the delicate balance of nature. If this trend continues the earth as we know it will be destroyed. If we want to continue to have a green earth, we need to work towards it. Education is the first step in that direction.

This glossary will be a valuable resource for you in that endeavor. It is searchable and you can share definitions on your facebook page.

Ocean Weather Glossary

70% of the earth's surface is covered by oceans. Most of the weather that his us forms in the ocean and then comes to us. If you have an interest in geography, or need to prepare for an exam, you will find this glossary of terms and their definitions very interesting.

If you have want to just research about weather over the ocean in general you will love the Random feature. And best of all, you can share your favorite terms with your friends of facebook directly from the app!

US Courts Terms

The US court system can be very confusing. Even to those well versed in its methods. If you come across a new term related to courts, you need a quick way to look it up. This app will give you that quick way. It allows you to search, share on facebook (if you want), and it works on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Harvey's Financial Glossary

Harvey's glossary is the host glossary for The New York Times, Yahoo, Bloomberg and many others. While the trial version is not hyperlinked, the 8,000+ upgrade give you access to over 8,000 terms and their definitions with more than 18,000 hyperlinks.

This version lets you search all the terms. If you want to share a term you like, you can share it on your Facebook wall.